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Sérgio Porto photographer
Wedding, proposal, love story & portraits
📍Porto, Portugal
Photos will be ready within a week after shooting.💫

Photo shooting in Porto

Great Things To Do in Porto, Portugal
Day 1: Riverside Strolls and Sunset Views

Start your first morning in Porto on the riverbanks of the Douro, in the lower district of Ribeira. Have a big breakfast to give you energy for your hillside strolls and bridge climbs throughout the day.

What should you visit:
📍Cais da Ribeira
📍Escada Guindais
📍Porto Cathedral
📍Largo da Pena Ventosa
📍Dom Luis I Bridge

Porto is the much-loved northern sibling of Lisbon, famous worldwide for its port cellars, colorful houses, and hillside charm. Enjoy slow days navigating its streets and elevated viewpoints that look out over the Douro river. Whether it’s sipping a hot coffee in a bookstore, jumping on the funicular railway, or feeling the fresh coastal breeze from the top of the Dom Luis Bridge, Porto will satisfy your travel craving. Enjoy the top things to do in Porto on a 2-day trip!
Май, 2022