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Фотографии, наполненные любовью! Неоднократный призер и победитель в международных конкурсах ISPWP, MyWED и FEARLESSAWARDS. Проживаю в Европе.

Свадьба в Зальцбурге

Carol & Jonas
Location - Schloss Hellbrunn, Salzburg, Austria

Carol and Jonas are two ultras sympathetic from the UK and Norway. It was a beautiful wedding in Salzburg at Schloss Hellbrunn that took place one summer evening. The ceremony took place at Schloss Mirabell. The wedding party took place in the late afternoon as the guests arrived at the Hellbrunn for a champagne reception and welcomed the bridal couple. Jonas and Carol’s wedding is unique in several aspects. There were inviting around 114 guests from the UK, the USA, Norway or India who had traveled to the wedding. The bride is British Indian and the groom is Norwegian so this wedding was mainly for the sake of bringing their families all together in one place. I hope I have been able to do that through my photos.

It was a very pleasant wedding with great and funny guests. I am very happy that I could be part of it!

Thank you and wish the couple all the best!
Август, 2017