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Bridal Spring Inspiration | Frühling Brautzauber | Златана Лекривайн | Швейцария

Bridal Spring Inspiration | Frühling Brautzauber

The unspoilt beauty of the Swiss nature, which woke up from the winter sleep, inspired me for this Styled Shoot. The majestic snow-capped mountains and deep lakes, brought to life by the first rays of spring, offer a beautiful scenery for this project. The bride walks through snowy valleys tripping and with his breath awakes everything from the winter sleep. The aromas of the delicate magnolia surrounds the air, the sound of the playful stream, which is filled with melted water, and the chirping of birds announces the coming of spring.

Multi-layer nuances of pink colors used in the bride's styling build a perfect contrast to the deep blue of the February sky and the bluish gradations of the snow.

The bride embodied stunning beauty of the winter and tenderness of spring.
Февраль, 2018