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Classical shooting with elements of a real and unusual reportage. My photos are not just beautiful pictures, it's a reminder of how you felt, what you thought about, with whom you laughed and cried that day.

Yuri & Svetlana

This is an amazing wedding.
Venue - Belek, Turkey. After two weddings in two different cities, I flew to Turkey. For three days I flew more than 5000 km. And in the Morning, after a night flight, I started shooting and finished it only late at night.

It was legen, (wait for it) dary

150 guests from a dozen countries came to the wedding. Family and fun atmosphere helped me to make these amazing photos.

This wedding was the coolest finale of the 2018 wedding season. I gave this project all my strength and emotions. This year I traveled a lot and shot weddings. They were different and all so warm and family, at least 20 people at least 150.

The stories I shot this year made me laugh and cry with happiness.

The stories I shot this year made me believe that love is all we need.

These were your stories.
Thanks to everyone who was with me this year.
Сентябрь, 2018