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Видео - лавстори в Италии | Italy love story | Lake Garda | Max & Julia

Love Story videos are a great way to share just that- your own unique love story! Share as a rehearshal dinner video or leading up to your wedding! Italy love story | Lake Garda | Max & Julia

We prefer to combine blending with the background and classical posing with fashion tones.
During moments when events are happening, we stay out of the way and capture the moments as they unfold. But we may ask you to step into better lighting or to move for the best pose, but we will never stage a photo of an event that we believe would otherwise never happen.
We really value your experience above all. If you’re searching for photography with meaning, images that capture you at your best you've found the right photography studio.
We'd love to be your guide, as we join together to create timeless, artistic heritage for you and the people you love.
Май, 2019